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Overview, Inspiration, and Mission

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Modest Commentary (‘ModCom’) is an online, multi-author journal that enables the sharing of ideas about American culture.  Its purpose is to enhance discussion about a range of topics–from politics to history to literature to religion–by providing thoughtful commentary from a variety of perspectives.  The views expressed in each article or post are entirely the position of that particular writer and do not reflect the opinions of the creator or the staff as a whole.


 Modest Commentary is the product of plenty of conversations and a lot of independent reading by its writers.  It is a humble attempt to articulate observations about American culture, particularly revolving around events in the last decade.  Its writers bring perspectives from a variety of experiences, ranging from working on Wall Street, participating in religious service, studying the law, and simply being a citizen in every day America.  ModCom seeks to allow writers to perceive, critique, and explain current events through perceptive, and sometimes forgotten, insight.  This allows ModCom to creatively react to the major events, trends, and discussions of today.


The aim of Modest Commentary is to enhance civic dialogue through the exchange of ideas about events shaping the modern-day world.  It seeks to rouse discussion about contemporary topics and news from unique angles.  It also hopes to provoke questions for future consideration and spur in-depth investigation by other writers.  In this sense, its mission is twofold: (1) to encourage the free exchange of ideas, explanations, and observations about all topics; and (2) to allow its authors to highlight pressing cultural questions and needs and call for further inquiry when it would be beneficial.


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